Contact Centre Analytics

Data is valuable to any business. Whether it's customer information, agent activity or performance figures, our Analytics supports facts based management, the essence of good decision making.

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Understand how to make the most of your contact centre with comprehensive and customisable reporting.

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We collect comprehensive data for all your customer interactions and track each user's activity throughout their day. Everything we know about your contact centre is saved in our secure data centres.


Get access to live statistics or run reports on historical data. Our powerful graphical analysis tools helps you spot trends and patterns in your data so that you can identify performance issues and take remedial action.

Turn data into knowledge

with our sophisticated analytics engine

Power in your hands

Clear, understandable reports put the power in your hands. You and your team can quickly see; by switching between our tailored reports, what's happening across your contact centre and then react to and changes. Our reports are ready to use out of the box.

Filter and refine

Easily segment your data with custom filters. You can focus on what matters to your contact centre, in as much detail as you need. By drilling down into the fine details of your contact centre, you can see the effectiveness of your activity.

Analyse your performance

Streamline the way you operate.


Never be caught out by surprise changes again by identifying trends as soon as they appear. With quick access to our powerful administration tools, you'll be able to divert resources instantly so that none of your opportunities are missed.


Compare your statistics over time and see recurring patterns in your activities. With more information about what works and what doesn't, you can manage your resources and plan your operations more accurately than ever before.

Build better connections

Learn more about your customers and connect them to the right people at the right time.

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Every time one of your customers tries to contact you, you'll know about it. We record all your calls and save transcripts of every chat and make it available in our reporting platform. You'll know them better than ever before.


Customers are looking for someone they can trust. By connecting them to your best people you can build stronger relationships. See which teams are performing and make sure your customers are getting the highest quality service.

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