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Swap manual dialling for EasyContactNow's Preview, Progressive or Predictive dialling and maximise your talk time.

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Increase your productivity by swapping manual dialling for our preview, progressive or predictive dialling and maximise your businesses talk time.

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predictive dialling

Predictive dialling

Start talking to customers as soon as they are available. Your team can spend as much time as possible on productive calls by using predictive dialling to reduce inactive periods and maximise talk time. Connect to a new customer call seconds after finishing the previous call by dialling ahead and removing answer machines and inactive lines in advance.

Our predictive dialler algorithm makes calls at a carefully-determined rate, keeping your team productive and motivated without overwhelming them. Whether you’re making sales calls, confirming bookings or performing an entirely different task, predictive dialling ensures you’re making the most of your resources.

preview dialling

Preview dialling

Preview dialling gives your team the information they need to serve customers efficiently with complete a history of previous customer interactions and notes to review before calling them.

The preview time can be configured to suit your business to allow your team more preparation time before a call and choice between dialling home, work or mobile phone numbers.

progressive dialling

Progressive dialling

Help your staff work through their workload by automatically dialling the next customer when they finish a call. Progressive dialling automates the time-consuming process of dialling numbers and waiting for an answer. Removing the need to manually dial reduces wait time, eliminates errors and dramatically increases productivity.

Our dialler will present your team members with a new call when the customer picks up and they can start the conversation immediately.

Tools to help you stay compliant


We'll help you dial compliantly

It has never been more important to ensure that you operate within the Ofcom guidelines. With the emergence of the ICO and Ofcom’s joint task force, the clamp down on nuisance and silent calls combined with relaxed rules surrounding who can complain makes it far easier for businesses to receive huge fines.

EasyContactNow’s best practice configuration provides customers a head start to dial compliantly from the start. Take advantage of our compliance tools such as answer machine detection (AMD), abandon messages, DNC welcome messages and fixed dialler algorithms. Our customers are confident they comply with Ofcom guidelines.

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