4 Contact Centre Features that Matter

Every team within a business will have different views when it comes to the most important contact centre features. Whether that’s in the form of agent performance or the predictive dialler’s abandon rate. For sales team’s especially, cloud-based contact centres are an ideal solution. Teams can log in, make use of predictive diallers, calculate data and measure results – all in an instance. Although data and analytics is important, it is one of many features that matter.

Data & Analytics

Every team in any business have goals they need to achieve. But being able track those goals based can be difficult. ContactNow allows you to have the option to review your team’s performance. And make the most out of real-time reporting. Drill down into detail or opt for a quick overview. You can view filtered reports on all activity in your contact centre. From these reports you’ll have the information at your fingertips to spot trends and then react to those trends.

Predictive Dialling

Increasing agent productivity is easy with ContactNow’s automated outbound predictive dialler. Your team has the option to choose from progressive, preview or predictive dialling. This not only eliminates manual dialling but also the time that is wasted between calls. For sales teams who spend their time making high volumes of calls and trying to connect to customers, predictive dialling can be an ideal solution. It even has it’s own Answer Machine Detection patent, that can help ensure you never drop a live call.


Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a quick view on all your team’s performance? Well with ContactNow your business can have it’s own customised dashboard. That oversees your team’s productivity levels from anywhere at anytime. Dashboard’s enable managers to see the key areas that their team or a particular agent may need improvement in. The dashboard has a library of varied widgets. And our widgets display real time information; from the number of calls made to how many were sales related.

Call Monitoring

With cloud-based services you don’t have to be in the same place as your team to be able to monitor them. Log in and listen live to each and every call from anywhere; whether you’re in the office, at home or sunning it up on a beach. Call monitoring ensures your employees are performing to their highest standard. Team leaders can review past calls and playback great examples of customer services which can be used to help train new employees.

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