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Supercharge Performance & Sales – Increase talk time by up to 400% with our predictive dialler.

Improve Contact Rates – Avoid the voicemail & reach more live people with our patented Answer Machine Detection.

Seamless CRM Integrations – Purpose built integrations with Salesforce and Zendesk or connect your CRM with our APIs.

Easy Set Up – Have your agents setup & dialling in minutes.

Pay As You Go – No commitment and completely flexible, only pay for what you use.

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Increase outbound calls

Our dialler supports all modes of automated dialling, giving you the freedom of choice and the power of instant change. The predictive dialler algorithm auto determines how many calls to make without breaking Ofcom’s abandoned call rules.

Improve contact rates

ContactNow's patented Answer Machine Detection means you can once more use AMD to ensure your agents are reaching live people and not voicemails safe in the knowledge that you will never create silent calls or generate false positives.

Enhance your efficiency

Keep your finger on the pulse with ContactNow's live Wallboards and inbuilt Analytics. Our analytics give you clear visibility over your business, giving you the tools to drive performance and the power to make all important changes, real time!

Powerful features for your sales desk

Automate your calling, remove no answers, dead lines and answer machines and increase talk time by up to 400%.

Hook straight into your CRM with our open API or purpose built Salesforce and Zendesk integrations.

Customise your call outcomes and trigger call backs, emails and CRM hooks from the touch of a button.

Never miss a trick with FREE call recording,
pause, resume and highlight.

Cleanse your data against DNCs, CTPS and TPS with ease and prioritise what datasets you want to dial .

You no longer need to be sat next to your team to monitor their sales pitch. Listen in to all calls from any location.

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