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More and more businesses are beginning to shift their attention to the cloud. This is exactly what should be happening. All businesses can benefit from cloud-based services regardless of their size. The more traditional methods, compared to cloud based-services, are rather chaotic and when you make the shift you’ll wonder what you ever did before.


Our cloud contact centre solution; ContactNow will enable your sales team and your campaign to grow at the same rate as your business. The best part about our cloud contact centre solution is the fact that you can access it and make changes whenever and wherever you want.

Looking to bring order to your sales campaigns? Well there is no need to go any further as ContactNow offers a variety of different dialling modes. Your business has the freedom and power to change it’s dialling habits to suit your requirements. Our dialler has been designed with a unique algorithm which automatically determines how many calls can be made without breaking Ofcom’s guidelines. So not only will this help your business to stay productive and compliant, but you’ll be able to connect to more live customers – and this can be achieved with just a few clicks and beeps.


On top of offering different dialling methods, ContactNow is complete with a patented Answer Machine Detection. You can be rest assured knowing that your business will say hello to more live people and goodbye to no answers, dead lines and answer machines. Our predictive dialler works in sync with our patented AMD software which will help your business maintain a high level of agent productivity and stay within Ofcom’s guidelines. You and your business will be safe in the knowledge that you’ll never create silent calls or generate false positives.


Make sure you stay on top of your sales campaign with the help of our live dashboards and inbuilt contact centre analytics. You’ll have constant access to real-time reporting on all of your agents’ activity from their first calls to their last. But thanks to our cloud contact centre solution you can monitor your team’s sales pitch from anywhere. You can log in and listen live to all their calls from any global location. You’ll have clear visibility over your team and your business 24/7. ContactNow provides you with the tools and the power to drive performance, increase sales and make all important changes at your fingertips, all in real time.

Take back control, bring order to your contact centre and start selling more by starting your free trial of ContactNow today.

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Tiffany Arnold

Tiffany is a Product Knowledge Assistant at 8x8 with a BA Honors in English Literature and Writing. With a natural creative flair and an enthusiasm for writing she spends her time creating and managing all content, copy and documentation for ContactNow. When Tiffany isn’t behind a keyboard, she'll be travelling the world, touring museums or watching films.

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