Broadcast Dialling

Make your customer engagement more efficient by broadcasting messages to the right people all at once.

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broadcast voice and SMS


Broadcast dialling is the easiest way to send an important message out to everyone at once. With ContactNow you can simultaneously dial as many numbers as you require, then play a recorded message before passing the customer through to one of your team.


With SMS broadcasting you can keep your customers satisfied with company or product updates and relevant promotions.

Tailored to your business

Whether it’s by phone or SMS, you can easily send special offers, updates or notifications to your customers.

Special offer! 15% off all hats until 3pm tomorrow.



Advertise special offers and promotions to customers.

Your appointment has been booked for next Monday.



Confirm bookings with a follow up SMS

No training session tonight due to bad weather.



Keep everyone informed with important updates.

Your parcel has been dispatched to you.



Update customers with delivery information.

Remember to enrol before the 30th September



Send reminders to your customer to ensure nothing slips off their radar.

Take full control of your Broadcasting


Convert your message from text to audio.


Seamlessly integrate broadcasts with custom IVRs.


Run campaigns whilst staying compliant.

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