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Increase Call Productivity – Our outbound dialler can reduce time wasted between calls and increase the connection rate to live customers.

Advanced Call Recording & Reporting – Gather actionable customer insights for quality assurance and training purposes.

Flexible & Scalable – Automatically scale up during busy periods and scale down if needed, giving you complete control of your call centre.

Stay Compliant – Ensure your business stays compliant with unique predictive dialler algorithm & Answer Machine Detection software.

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Fast Deployment BPO Call Centre

When it comes to BPO and outsourcing, time is of the essence. ContactNow offers a quick and easy call centre deployment with an instant setup. Simple to use and self serve, your contact centre will be up and running in minutes.

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Scalable & Flexible Call Centre Outsourcing

ContactNow gives you complete control and flexibility over your BPO call centre. Scale up during busy periods and scale down when and if you need to automatically. Add, edit and remove agents, update IVR systems, switch dialling modes and more, all in an instant.

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Remote Working for Outsourcing Companies

Work and communicate from anywhere in the world and monitor all areas of your call centre outsourcing business. No specialist equipment needs to be installed and you can start making and taking calls from the very moment you log in.

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Flexible Contracts

Only pay for what you use in your BPO call centre ideal for seasonal flexibility.

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CRM Integration

Hook straight into your CRM systems with our open API or purpose built Salesforce and Zendesk integrations.

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Data Utilisation

Cleanse your outsourcing companies data against DNCs, CTPS and TPS with ease and prioritise datasets you want to dial first.

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Predictive dialler

Increase ROI & connection rates when you automate your outbound dialling.

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Listen Live

You don’t need to be in the same location as your team to be able to log in and monitor their calls.

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Call Recording & Monitoring

Listen to live calls as they happen. Have the ability to pause, resume and highlight all calls when dealing with sensitive information.

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