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Gain better insight and oversight over customer engagement with powerful contact centre management tools, creating the custom agent workflow and customer experience you need.

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Features on demand

ContactNow can be tailored to your specification so your bespoke contact centre perfectly complements your business. This flexible approach allows your contact centre management software to stay aligned as the demands of your business change.

Different users, different permissions

Have total control of all your staff by giving each team and individual the right level of access. Empower the right individuals to make decisions, by giving them access to reports and the ability to make changes, to keep your contact centre running smoothly.

Maximise efficiency

Create and customise

Create your own bespoke contact centre by selecting and configuring the features want. You can set up as many users and teams as you need, create queues and IVRs for call routing, upload your customer data and much more from one area.

Track and manage

Use real-time reporting to keep on top of your team’s performance at all times. Make instant decisions to manage customer demand and maintain performance.

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Real-time billing

Manage your finances effectively

EasyContactNow gives you real-time billing and charging information, allowing you to take control of your finances and track your spending. You have the flexibility to top-up your balance whenever you need to, so that you can control your costs.

Support and documentation

Fast, expert assistance

As dedicated as you are to giving your customers a great experience, our friendly support experts are dedicated to do the same by providing any advice or assistance that you might need. They have the knowledge and expertise to guide you through and quickly resolve any issues you may have.

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A purpose built Help Centre

With hundreds of articles, release notes, FAQs and regular system updates our Help Centre is a great place to get expert advice. Quickly find information to help you get the most out of your contact centre. We encourage users to rate articles and leave comments so our support team can improve help centre content.

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