Call Recording

Provide customers with a consistent experience with call monitoring and call recording to help improve quality and agent performance

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Call monitoring

Listen to calls as they happen and provide one-to-one assistance.

Listen in live

Listen in live to your team when they are on calls to ensure they're performing to the highest standard. Plug in a headset and select a call to listen to or take over the call and give additional support to your customers where you need to.

Access Call Monitoring Anywhere

You don't need to be in the same place as your team to monitor their calls. With ContactNow call monitoring can be done from anywhere as long as you have internet connection. Perfect if you're monitoring staff across multiple locations or if you're away from the office.

Call recording

Save every call and play them back whenever you like.

All calls recorded

Call recording is a great tool for training your staff. With immediate access to recordings of every call made and received you can review the audio to check agent performance and find examples of excellent customer service.

Pause and highlight

Your team members can pause recording when they need to take payment or sensitive information to ensure you stay compliant. They can also mark a section of a call with a highlight, so it can be reviewed by supervisors, without having to listen to the whole recording.

Safe, secure & selective

All call recordings are stored digitally and backed up across multiple locations for resilience and parity for a whole month. We can provide extended storage if required to meet any security or compliance requirements specific to your business.

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