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  • 4 Contact Centre Features that Matter

    Regardless of size or industry, businesses have to measure results. Whether that’s in the form of agent performance or the predictive dialler’s abandon rate. For sales team’s especially, cloud-based contact centres are an ideal solution. As they enable teams to login, make use of predictive diallers, calculate data and measure results – all in an instance. […]

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  • Say Goodbye to EasyContactNow and Hello to ContactNow

    Spring marks a time of new beginnings, the weather gets that little bit warmer and the days longer. Here at 8×8 we feel it’s time for some spring cleaning, so we are saying goodbye to EasyContactNow and hello to ContactNow. What’s spurred this name change on? Well we’ve just launched in the US and we […]

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  • Do away with the working from home stigma

    The remote working boom is at a tipping point. Research shows that 94% of companies think remote working will be beneficial to their company. However, 84% of companies believe they need to change management practices to support it. That’s where 8×8’s EasyContactNow can help.

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  • Built in compliance – does your contact centre deliver?

    The UK regulatory landscape for any business making high volume outbound sales, service or marketing calls is getting tougher. EasyContactNow, provides all the tools to ensure that you stay on the right side of compliance.

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  • Set up your contact centre in 10 easy steps

    Creating a cloud contact centre has never been easier. With EasyContactNow you can get your agents set up and dialling within minutes. Our contact centre solutions software is scalable to suit any size business, so no matter how big your contact centre is you can set up your campaign in just 10 easy steps.

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  • Bring order to your sales campaigns

    All businesses can benefit from cloud-based services regardless of their size. The more traditional methods, compared to cloud based-services, are rather chaotic and when you make the shift you’ll wonder what you ever did before.

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  • 8×8’s new patent will send your agents productivity sky high

    The struggles of the past After hearing an answer machine for the tenth time in a row agent productivity can decline and morale sink. Our records show that approximately half of all outbound consumer calls result in connection to an answer machine. Automatic dialling systems attempt to address this issue by using Answer Machine Detection […]

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  • Providing a good customer experience has never been more important

    We are all customers and we all expect a certain level of customer service whether that’s purchasing goods or investing in a service. We judge businesses, organisations and even people on how they treat and interact with us. And now in a world full of businesses offering the same goods or services the competition is only getting fiercer.

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  • Introducing the EasyContactNow Help Centre

    We are pleased to announce the launch of our Help Centre for EasyContactNow. You can now browse over 150 articles and FAQs to find information about how to get the most from EasyContactNow for your contact centre.

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