Predictive dialler debt collection calls

Collect more money faster.

Increase Call Productivity - Our outbound dialler can reduce time wasted between debt collection calls, and increase the connection rate to live customers.

Stay FCA Compliant - Increase debt recovery rates and stay compliant with our predictive dialler algorithm & unique Answer Machine Detection software.

Complete Transparency - View debtors up-to-date information with call logs, call recordings, and scheduled callbacks.

Easy Set Up - Create your outbound calling campaigns, have your agents set up & dialling in minutes.

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Increase Talktime & Debt Recovery Rates

Collect more money faster and increase the amount of debt collection calls made with ContactNow’s predictive dialler. Agents will be able to eliminate time wasted between manual dialling, without breaking Ofcom’s abandoned call rules. Reach more live customers and increase debt recovery rates, knowing you’ll never create silent calls or generate false positives.

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Successful Outbound Calling Campaigns

Have complete control and transparency with your outbound calling campaigns. Have the option of three different intelligent dialling capabilities and broadcast messages, increasing ROI and reducing operational costs. Once agents are connected to debtors they’ll be able to view, update and add details about all debtors. This will allow your agents to not only engage with more debtors but make the most out of each interaction too.

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Quality Calls

Monitor and track all debt collection calls with ContactNow’s call monitoring and call recording software. You’ll be able to to log in and listen live or playback every call. Ensuring your agents are following debt collections and billings procedures and staying compliant. Track all your contact centre analytics in real-time and historical reporting from anywhere. Enable better decision making in all areas of your contact centre from scheduled calls to your outbound calling campaigns.

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Predictive dialler

Increase ROI & connection rates when you automate your outbound dialling.

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Unique AMD Patent

Ensure you stay compliant as well as remove no answers, dead lines and answer machines with our Answer Machine Detection software.

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Scheduled Callbacks

Set up designated callbacks to follow up. Create & ensure automatic follow up calls are made with debtors that have been organized at a specific date and time.

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Call Recording & Monitoring

Listen to live calls as they happen. Have the ability to pause, resume and highlight all calls when dealing with debtors’ sensitive information.

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Max Attempts & Retry Times

Set your own retry time rules, define the number of times you would like to attempt to call back debtors.

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Broadcast Announcements

Effectively reach out and notify debtors of outstanding debts, instantly with broadcast messages.

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