Data Everywhere But No Single View

We all know that we have to clean our data before we can start to make use of our contact centre analytics. But why is it so important to do this? Well first of all, raw data is difficult to understand so it needs to be easily readable. Secondly in the cleaning process you’ll be able to correct any mistakes you may have made when transferring the data.

Everyone in a business has their own motivations for clean data, from your CEO to your CIO and everyone in between, because not only does it save time in the long run but it increases efficiency. On average £198m of UK business revenue is wasted on bad data every year [1]. This surplus is one of the main reasons why having a strong data strategy is essential to all businesses.

Good Data = Customer Success

As well as clean data helping businesses to perform effectively, having access to readable contact centre analytics can also improve your team’s performance. It also makes a massive difference when it comes to delivering good customer experiences. Key drivers for having clean data include business efficiency (62%) and customer profiling (43%) [1] by having this data stored means that your business is able to create bespoke marketing material and improve your product or services solely based on what your customers want and need.

Rapid Growth

Way back when, the technology available was very different to what we have now.. There was no web chat, smartphone apps and just basic email.  But now with the growth of the internet, new communication channels are emerging and it’s causing data chaos.

Research conducted by Ofcom  states that newer online methods of communications are reaching more adults online than ever before and this is expected to increase massively. As a result, businesses are storing information from various sources in different places. It leaves behind the challenge of collating this into a usable form so that it is also cost-efficient and helpful [2].

Measuring Analytics

Ensuring you’ve got analytics in place that can keep up with your customers and report in real-time is incredibly important. ContactNow enables your business to make better informed decisions as you have access to all contact centre analytics, from overall activity to agent performance. On top of that it’s all in a readable clean form. Your managers, team leaders, and supervisors can make the most out of real-time reporting.

Drill down into detail or opt for a quick overview to view filtered reports on all activity in your contact centre. From these reports you’ll have the information at your fingertips to spot trends and then react accordingly. Start making the most of data and analytics in your contact centre today with a free trial of ContactNow.

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