Instant Messaging Service

Increase customer satisfaction by enabling real time conversations to share knowledge and information with colleagues. Speed up the decision making process on customer queries with managers and supervisors.

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instant messaging

Stay in contact with an accessible messaging system that's built into EasyContactNow. There's no need to manage or pay for a separate system, everyone in your contact centre can start using it straight away to improve responsiveness to customer queries.

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Easily accessible

Instant messaging is accessible throughout EasyContactNow, so whether you're solving a customer query or analysing reports you can always stay in touch with your colleagues.

Share information

Request and receive valuable information from your supervisor and other team members, while on call or chat, to help solve a customer enquiry quickly and effectively.

group chat

Group collaboration

Create a dynamic and supportive work environment by allowing team members to reach out and collaborate together. Supervisors can keep their team motivated by being more accessible, providing instant guidance when required.

Broadcast lists

Immediately communicate important updates to everyone in your organisation without disrupting their productivity by broadcasting important messages to individuals, teams or your whole contact centre.

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Secure messaging

All messages are safe, secure and only accessible to colleagues within your contact centre.

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Saved conversations

Every message is saved in the chat history and can be retrieved later.

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Controlled access

Control exactly who people can talk to with a comprehensive permissioning system.

chat between devices

Stay in touch across devices

Instant messaging is available both from the web and within Monitor for iPad allowing you to stay in touch with your colleagues across devices wherever you happen to be.

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