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It’s easy to create flexible IVR solutions for your contact centre using our drag and drop IVR builder.

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Drag And Drop IVR

Visualize and Create your Interactive Voice Response.

Be professional and consistent – Handle every call coherently.

Easy automation – Route callers to the correct department.

Fully customisable – Build IVR menus to fit your company.

Monitor call progress – See real-time calling statistics.

Pay as you go – No connection fees, hidden costs or commitment.

The IVR That’s Right For Your Customers

ContactNow drag and drop IVR builder simplifies application creation allowing you to build customer experiences easily. The IVR builder will help you connect customers to the right agent to ensure they receive the service they deserve.

You can choose from a library of actions and link them by dragging connectors between those actions. Every aspect of your Interactive Voice Response can be customised; call flow can be dynamically altered by obtaining instructions from the customer’s own systems, and up to the second data can be received from customer databases. Record your messages or use our Text to Speech, and build anything from a virtual reception to an automated credit card collection system.

Tailored to your business

Manage inbound calls the way you want to make sure your customers receive the service they deserve.

Unique solutions

Every part of your Interactive Voice Response can be customised exactly how you want it. Choose from a library of components to build anything from a virtual reception to an automated credit card collection system. You can even add custom audio messages by uploading your own recordings or using our Text-to-Speech converter.

Skills-based routing

Making sure your customers reach the right people quickly is fundamental. With our IVR builder, you can create an intelligent call routing system to automatically distribute incoming calls to the team or individual who can provide the best assistance to a customer.


Combine our powerful components to supercharge your IVR.

IVR component


Map each connection to a number so customers can use their keypad to navigate through your IVR. Use an audio message to announce the options available.

Play message component

Play message

Upload an audio file or use our Text-to-Speech converter to add greetings, updates or provide extra information to customers at any point in your menu.

IVR component


Transfer calls to an inbound queue or even redirect calls to another IVR so that customers reach the right people, as quickly as possible.

Capture component


Collect and store key presses from the customer with the Capture component. Add an audio prompt and save the data entered.

Post component


Send customer information to a third party service, allowing you to build data collection systems or verify their identity.

Dial component


Transfer a call out of your system by entering a number for the IVR to automatically dial. Useful for transferring calls between departments or external locations.

Digits component

Say digits

Repeat values stored in a variable back to customers using our Text-to-Speech converter. Customers can confirm their information to increase accuracy.

Outcome component


Set an outcome against a call when the caller passes this component. Use it to dynamically update the outcome of the call based on the options selected.

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