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When it comes to business, money unfortunately makes the world go round, and a key contributor to increased revenue is lead generation. At the most basic level, businesses grow from generating leads and being able to convert those leads into sales. As well as lead generation, sales teams have to be able to target the right audience in order to have quality leads that will close.

Tech Innovation = Quality Leads

Sales teams are at the forefront of being able to generate leads and turn them leads into sales and then full fledged customers. Previously, the biggest ways to generate leads would be by networking, cold calling and purchased lists. One problem with these methods is the quality, another is getting them to close.

In a world where tech runs the world, the whole lead generation process from start to finish is now easier. Sales teams by nature have to spend a large proportion of their day making calls to many different people which in all honesty is monotonous. Fortunately there is a solution.
ContactNow is ideal for sales teams and lead generation. It has it’s own unique automated dialler, with not just one dialling method but three; predictive, preview and progressive. This gives your business and your sales team the freedom of choice and control. The dialler’s algorithm automatically determines how many calls to make without breaking Ofcom’s abandoned call rules.
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Tiffany is a Product Knowledge Assistant at 8x8 with a BA Honors in English Literature and Writing. With a natural creative flair and an enthusiasm for writing she spends her time creating and managing all content, copy and documentation for ContactNow. When Tiffany isn’t behind a keyboard, she'll be travelling the world, touring museums or watching films.

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