Set up your contact centre in 10 easy steps

Creating a cloud contact centre has never been easier. With ContactNow you can get your agents set up and dialling within minutes. Our contact centre solutions software is scalable to suit any size business, so no matter how big your contact centre is you can set up your campaign in just 10 easy steps.

Step 1

To begin you’ll need agents to make and receive calls. Crack on by creating your agent’s login details. When you create your agent’s you’ll need to provide a Full name, username and password. You’ll also need to determine the agent’s access level; agent, supervisor or admin.

Top Tip! Ensure that your agents have unique passwords to keep their accounts, and your data, safe.

Step 2

Next you will need to focus on your outbound queues so your agent’s can make calls. Decide which of our three powerful outbound dialling modes, Predictive, Progressive or Preview, best suits your needs. When creating your outbound queue you have the option to load a custom script or use an iframe to present your CRM, and then pick the CLI that will be displayed to your customers.

Step 3

Ensure your agents can receive calls by creating an inbound queue and mapping the number from your outbound queue. That way you’ll never miss a customer who calls you back.

Step 4

Set up agent priorities to route your calls to the most skilled agents. Ensure customers always speak to the person who can best serve them by changing the priority when you assign agents to queues.

Step 5

Now agents and queues have been created, and agent’s have been assigned – You will have the option to choose from our connection methods; Soft Phone, Desk Phone or Agent on Demand. You can share our quick tutorial videos so the whole team knows how to get connected and start dialling.

Step 6

Create your very own custom outcomes so your agents can select the result of the call. You can also add behaviours to perform actions when certain outcomes are chosen. Take the time to think about the outcomes that are most relevant and useful to your business. Is it Sales related? Did you speak to a Decision Maker? Is the record complete? Do you want to send a follow up email? – All these actions, and more can be achieved!

Step 7

Make the most out of our editable database fields and customise your headers to the specific fields you require for your data. Don’t have a CRM? No problem! Our lite version allows you to capture information on your call, add time and date calendars, and create drop down boxes for your input types.

Step 8

Upload and import your data with our easy-to-use importer tool. You can filter your data by area codes and number types, or remove duplicates, so you can be sure you’re always dialling the right people.

Tip! Please ensure your data is in CSV format.

Step 9

Stay compliant and ensure you’re not calling people who do not wish to be contacted by using our DNC lists and TPS filter. You can easily load your Do Not Calls list using the DNC file importer ready for cross referencing on all future datasets.

Step 10

Once you have imported your data you’ll need to assign your new dataset to the outbound queue. Use the priority settings to swap and change the dataset you want to call first and then make it Live to start making calls.

10 simple steps and your cloud contact centre will be set up and running. Give ContactNow a try for free today and start to see the benefits instantly.

About the author

Chris Angus

Chris is a Sales Director at 8x8 and has over 10 years experience within contact centre and technology that is used to operate them. He is incredibly passionate about enabling businesses to communicate with customers in the most efficient way possible. Chris likes nothing more than spending weekends with his wife and children.

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