Do away with the working from home stigma

Today for some reason there’s quite a stigma attached to working from home. So much so that even when staff are allowed to work from home, more than six in ten (63%) are not always comfortable requesting it[1]. But we know you can still work from home and be incredibly efficient. What’s more – we have the technology in place that lets you prove it. Endorsing home working can benefit companies in many ways such as; reducing office expenses and giving companies a competitive edge when hiring the best talent. It can even improve staff loyalty with 81% of office workers saying they feel more loyal to their employer as a result of being offered remote working[1].

So why aren’t more companies endorsing it? Well, we know that the remote working boom is at a tipping point. Research shows that 94%[1] of companies think remote working will be beneficial to their company. However, 84%[1] of companies believe they need to change management practices to support it. That’s where 8×8’s ContactNow can help.

Working from home with ContactNow

Our cloud contact centre solution, ContactNow, lets you and your agent’s work and communicate from anywhere in the world, whilst allowing supervisors to monitor performance through graphical reporting. Its voice path can be connected using a landline or via the internet. No specialist equipment needs to be installed and users can start making and receiving customer calls from the very moment they log in via our web-browser.

Its instant messaging ensures there is constant communication throughout your business, which can help keep staff motivated and morale high. This also breaks down the communication barriers that can happen when working in a number of different locations. Admins and supervisors can make the most out of our contact centre analytics, to manage your team’s performance at all times.

If you are looking for a simple, flexible cloud contact centre try ContactNow for free now and see how easy not just working from home is, but anywhere.

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[1]8×8: Disruption from cold snaps costs the British economy billions – but remote working still denied to 37% of workers

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Ryan Osborne

Ryan is the Head of Sales Engineering EMEA at 8x8. He studied Computing for Realtime Systems at University of the West of England and has over 15 years of experience within the contact centre industry. When he's not working Ryan loves travelling to south east Asia and enjoying a drink in a quiet cocktail bar.

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