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Supercharge your Support Desk with ContactNow to easily make and take calls from within your Zendesk integration ticket management system.

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Always available and Up-to-date

Be ready to take your customer’s calls and have real conversations. Enabling our data sync means you can run outbound dialling to proactively contact your customers for surveys, updates and maintaining an ongoing, personal connection.

Always up-to-date

Continuous two-way data sync to keep all your customer information fresh across both systems. You’ll always have current information at your fingertips for all of your customers so that you’re ready to dial them whenever you want.

Automatic ticket updates

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Every call can be assigned to an existing ticket or a new one can be created from within the ContactNow Zendesk phone integration. The ticket you’re working on is suggested for quick assignment or you can use a powerful search tool to find what you need.


Call information is added as an internal note to a ticket so that users have all the information they need to assist customers. Outcomes, tags and a links to call recordings are logged on the ticket so that anyone can review the interaction history with the customer.

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Instant contact

Our app scans the page for telephone numbers and displays them in the sidebar so there’s no need to search through a customer’s information. Just click and make the call.

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Never miss an opportunity

ContactNow gives you access to comprehensive analytics to review your dialler activity. You’ll be able to see which customers your staff are interacting with and pinpoint exactly where resources are required.


Never forget a customer

With Zendesk phone integrations every user has access to their scheduled calls and voicemails right in the phone. Upcoming scheduled calls allow staff to plan their day and prepare for upcoming calls. Voicemails can be assigned to existing tickets or a new ticket can be created with a single click.

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